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After Surf

We offer variety of great tours to explore the country, the people and of course the waves.

Wave Gypsy Surf & Yoga Essouira.jpg

Find yourself in this beautiful, old fisher village which is famous for its hippie spirit and Artists.


Ride the longest waves of Africa and enjoy the spirit of a small fishing village.

Wave Gypsy Hammam Massage.jpg

Get your moroccan Hammam experience and find yourself in a dream of 1001 night.

paradise valley.jpg

Explore the stunning oasis of Paradise Valley and enjoy some delicious moroccan Tajine for lunch.

Wave Gypsy Surf Yoga Camel.jpg

Ride along endless sand beaches with those stunning creatures.


Fall in love with the magic of Marrakesh and enjoy the colorful and stunning markets.

Wave Gypsy Activities_.jpg

Get lost in the treasures of the souk and find you perfect holiday gifts to bring back home.

Wave Gypsy Surf Yoga Lomi Lomi Massage K

After a long day of surfing, a massage can work wonders and relax you deeply.

Wave Gypsy Food Tajine.jpg

Enjoy our delicious moroccan Tajine and learn how to cook them with us.

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