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Moroccan &

healthy Kitchen

A good start in the day

Enjoy a delicious, Moroccan surfer breakfast that is freshly prepared by us every day. We serve fruit with yoghurt, boiled eggs or omelets, homemade muesli and various Moroccan delicacies, among other things. Of course there is freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee and Moroccan mint tea.

Beach picnic for lunch

On surf days there are delicious homemade sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit and something to snack on on the beach.  And of course a large bottle of water for the day.


We serve various typical Moroccan delicacies such as delicious tagines with salads, soups or traditional couscous. Of course a dessert is indispensable,

as well as the typical Moroccan mint tea. 

It is important to us that our food is balanced and sustainable. That is why we only serve meat-based dishes every other day and are happy to accommodate the request for vegetarian food. 


Environment &

Try in our surf camp​  we daily
to minimize the impact on the environment:

We support the local economy and employ people from the region.

Local organic products are used in our kitchen.
The bananas grow only a few hundred meters from our house.

All of our spices and staples come from nearby local souks (markets).

We also take part in local initiatives to preserve our environment and beaches.

The entire surf camp is equipped with LED energy-saving lamps.

We use solar energy in our surf camp and heat our water with a solar system.

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