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Finding Courage through Surfing & Yoga - Guest Blog

Aktualisiert: 31. Juli 2019

When the waves are a little too big

We like to look at surfing as just fun and game, and believe me, it is so much fun! Pinky promise. But let us be honest, there can be a whole lot of fear involved, at least at one point or another, when the waves get a little too big.

Fear is something absolutely natural. It is an instinct. An instinct that helps us evaluate danger, respond to it, and basically manage to survive. This goes for surfing as well as for life in general. Unfortunately, our little monkey mind can trick us into seeing danger in places or situations where there actually is none. Does it make it unreal? Definitely not. As long as we interpret it to present danger, it will feel real. But it is worth taking a closer look into it to check if what makes us anxious is actually a threat that we are being exposed to, or simply the unknown. And what might be lying underneath it all.