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Ramadan Mubarak from Wave Gypsy Surf & Yoga

Ramadan begins today around the world. This religious month unites Muslims all over the world. Since we live here in Morocco, we would like to share some information about Ramadan with you.


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, lasting 29/30 days depending on the position of the moon. In Islam, it is the month in which Allah (God) revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad and is one of the five pillars of Islam.

The most important thing is fasting from food and liquid from sunrise to sunset, but also refraining from smoking and sexual activity. After sunset, the fast is broken with a date and water.

Many Muslims see the holy month as a chance to be reborn and start anew. Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection. In addition, Muslims fast from bad speech, thoughts and behaviour.

It is said that fasting distracts the heart from worldly activities with the aim of purifying the soul and ridding it of harmful impurities. Feeling hungry and thirsty reminds them of the reason for Ramadan and encourages them to feel spiritually renewed at the end.

For all those celebrating Ramadan in Morocco and around the world, we wish Ramadan Mubarak.



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