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The Soul of Surfing

Aktualisiert: 29. Juli 2019

Why we surf

You can ask any surfer, they will for sure have a quick answer for you if you asked them why they surf. And most likely, when you ask several, you will receive answers that will sound pretty similar, although I am sure each one will have their own special connection with it and reason why they surf.

To me, surfing is not a sport, and also no mere hobby. To me, it is much more. It is a way of life, a way to live. No matter where I am, the ocean is always with me. She is my most divine teacher, my place of calm. She provides me, with strength, with love, with joy, and with endless lessons for living my life. The essence of surfing to me is the deep connection we feel with the ocean, as well as the spirit of aloha. It is an art. A retreat. A true gift.

It is all about performance

Too often life is all about performance. And you will find this also in the world of surfing. For many years I would get frustrated with myself for not improving more, for not getting better faster at riding a wave, choosing the right wave, paddling through the waves. Until one day (yes, it was really on one day) I finally understood that for me it was not about that. My lesson that I was offered was the invitation to let go. Of the battling and fighting, with the ocean and with myself. Of the sense of perfection so deeply instilled in me, and the idea of what was good enough. Letting go of the worry what other people would possibly think and how they would perceive me. And to accept and allow joy and ease into my life.

A real surfer

For the longest time I would not dare to call myself a surfer because hey, I just was not good enough for that. Oh how many sweet limitations we set for ourselves. I can tell you now, it does not matter how big the waves are that I ride (or attempt to ride). It does not matter how often I have the chance to go surf. It also does not matter how often I wipe out or how slick I look in my wetsuit or my pretty, new surf bikini. I do not know what a “real surfer” is or looks like, but I do know that none of the above things truly matter. What does matter, I feel, is that, and how, I show up. What matters is my respect for the ocean, what I bring with, and how I offer my essence to the essence of the sea. That I practice, that I keep trying, and that I am open to her teaching.

Sharing Aloha

The word ha in aloha means breath. That is what sharing aloha means. It is sharing your breath, your essence. And therefore sharing your love. Offering this without asking for anything in return. Understanding that everything is connected. That we are all connected. It offers us a sense of belonging.

The world can use more aloha. And surfing can help us practice and nurture sharing our essence and love for and with each other. In a world so often taken over by chaos and stress, surfing helps us to reconnect. With ourselves, with the present moment, with life itself. It helps us to let go of our fears and worries and to ease into trusting life again. It helps us see the beauty of life rather than its pain and suffering. It helps us to breathe. And to allow in joy. Surfing grants us the great gift of calming the body, soothing the soul, and rejuvenating the spirit. What more could you ask for?

Aloha & Much Love, Cory

Cory is a German / US American yoga teacher, breath coach and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui practitioner with a deep passion for the ocean, music, travel and trauma work. She calls many places her home. Currently she is commuting between Morocco and Germany.

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This fall she is offering two very special journeys in cooperation with Wave Gypsy Surf & Yoga in Tamraght.

SALT AND SUGAR, a surf and yoga trip for soul surfers, October 1-8, 2019, and

THE HEALING JOURNEY, a deep journey into healing and growth, November 12-26, 2019.

All details can be found at

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